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Ever since the gambling industry gained access into the online community, there have been multiple online casinos sieving into the online market. With such high competition in the online gambling community, it is not surprising that casinos conceptualize new and unique ways to lure in new gamers and maintain loyal players in their site. One such site is Betway Casino, thanks to its evolutionary creation – the flexi promotion.

Before you ask what the flexi bonus is, allow us to take you through a detailed review regarding the promotion in a bid to convince you that it would be a bad idea to let it slip past your fingers. In essence, the flexi offer, a promotion exclusive to Betway is an innovative promotion system that gives gamers the opportunity to withdraw their cash balance without the constraint of fulfilling the set wagering requirements of any particular offer.

In detail, the promotion is tailored on a principle dubbed the ‘Bonus to Cash Ratio’ (BCR in short). Do not let this jargon scare you for BCR is simply a percentage split between your total real money and bonus balance available in your registered Betway Casino account. Therefore, each time you have a flexi offer, any cash you wager into your preferred casino game comes from both your cash and bonus balance.

Similarly, wins are awarded in the same manner. Meaning, wins will be allocated to both your cash and bonus balance depending on the ratio you placed your wager. But, one may wonder, what is so special about the flexi promotion? Great you asked for the next section is fully dedicated to the advantages of the flexi offer.

Flexi Promo – The Pros

To fully comprehend the upside of the flexi bonus, we will examine what will happen if a new gamer deposits £30 into their real money casino account. For starters, the gamer will earn £30 more thanks to the first deposit offer. This translates to a £60 cash balance comprising £30 cash + £30 bonus, which is a 50%/50% BCR.

Therefore, if you opt to bet £20, £10 will be obtained from your cash balance while the other £20 will be obtained from your bonus balance. On the other hand, a £40 win will be distributed to both your cash and bonus balance in the same ratio. Now, here comes the advantage.

Thanks to the flexi promotion, the Betway team allows you to withdraw your cash balance at any time. Meaning this amount is not susceptible to any wagering requirements. However, there is catch. Withdrawing your cash before the fulfilment of the set play through requirements will lead to a forfeiture of your bonus balance.

Why Betway

Rewarding offers are a plus to any online casino, but it takes more than that to be considered the best. Safe and secure money transactions, a variety of games, fair gambling experience and proficient customer service do matter and guess what, Betway Casino does not fall short of any of the mentioned characteristics. That said, it would be wise to be part of the Betway family if ever an unforgettable casino session is to be achieved.

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