Privacy is committed to ensuring that all your personal identifiable information ‘Personal Info’ and privacy remain private.

We have created this Privacy Policy to keep you on the loop hole on what information we collect from you every time you visit our site from your mobile; how we collect it, and how we use the info.

You should read this page it in combination with the Terms and Conditions.

Collection of Information

We collect an activity log unique to you such as traffic and administrative information including without limitation type of browser used, web and mobile page(s) accessed, time and date of access, software crash reports, language used and source of the IP address.

To ensure we deliver quality services, we may record all the quality assurance calls that you make and store such records to use them at our own discretion.

Use of Information

We will use your personal data and other information collected about or from you to ensure that we deliver services, undertake the necessary identity verification and security checks as well as provide customer support services.

All your personal data will be made available to staff members and employees of the company for the sole purpose of offering fraud prevention and customer support services.

Retention of Information

We will retain all the personal details collected from you according to the directives of our licensing body and the directives of the Canada Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

While you may request us to erase some or all of your personal information, we will only respond to this request as long as it is as per the directives of our licensing body or those of the Canada Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Choice / Opt-Out

You have the option of opting out from receiving our promotional communications by sending us a blank email address with the word ‘Remove’. If you are not sure how to opt out, you can contact our customer support team for further help.


We use a browser feature that is popularly known as cookies which refer to small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit websites. These cookies track your activities, record your preferences and help us make the services we offer more responsive and more personalized to you.