Baccarat is a game of choice and smart guessing. It was very popular in land-based casinos and now most of the betting sites have it on their offer. In the begging, baccarat was played in separated rooms in a casino because wagers were made with cash and no chips were used.  It is played with a standard deck (52 cards). Betting houses made it more accessible for gamblers recently so that everyone can try it because it is not so hard to master and gamers actually need to make the minimum effort to win.

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The main goal is to bet on a player’s hand, banker’s hand or on tied score. Now it can be tried in most of the online casinos worldwide with starting bets from 0.1$ which means that every bettor can test it regardless of his/her budget. There are two ways of playing baccarat online for the real money.

Game software can be downloaded directly from stores or it can be played from any device (mobile, tablet, PC) by opening any desired search engines like Mozilla, Opera, etc. Before placing real money wagers, gamers should check if the gambling is legal in their country. Many game developers created state of the art online versions so that bettors can enjoy in their baccarat games like they are betting from a land casino live, experiencing the same gambling feeling.

Online Baccarat Real Money Rules

Bettors who never played the baccarat online for real money need to know the main rule of this game. Guess whose hand will be closer to 9. It is that simple. Cards are dealt on two sides, to a player and banker. But this doesn’t mean that some of them will be the winner. There is also a tie. There are two versions of online casino live baccarat real money games. The first one is a classic one and the other version is a Mini-Baccarat. Here are some of the differences between these two types:

  • Regular version possesses 3 dealers and mini has 1.
  • In a mini variant, only a dealer is dealing cards and turns them over, while in a classic type they are both included in revealing hands.
  • The most obvious difference is in the size of a playing table. At normal size table, 12 to 14 gamers can bet at the same time. In a mini version, a table is smaller like a blackjack field with up to 7 bettors at the same time.

Cards and Chances

Cards have unique values in online baccarat real money game. Aces have a value of one. Cards from 10 to K count as zero and the rest have a value the same as a represented number. So 6 will have a value of 6 and so on. Gamers can place their bets on a player’s hand, dealer’s or on a tie. Gamblers should now that if they bet on a dealer’s hand they will be paid the same as they were betting on a player’s hand minus the commission which is usually 5%.

The tie is paid in a ration 8:1 and 9:1. Bettors who like to play baccarat online for real money have one big advantage when betting on a player’s or dealer’s hand. In a case that it is tie, all of the wagered money will be returned to a gambler. Gamers should also know that a house has an edge of 1.2%. This is a reason why bettors like to play baccarat online real money. Compared to some other casino games this is a really decent return to a player providing good odds to a gambler with the minimum effort when it comes to decision making. The previous hand cannot influence the following one, so it all comes to chances. This is not a hard game to master, and it can be played by anyone with the basic rule knowledge.

How to Play  Baccarat Online for Real Money?

A baccarat online version can be found in most of the online casinos in a classic and mini mode. For beginners, there are some free versions which can be tested by any player. For more serious gamblers, there is a real money version where bettors need to create an account to be able to access it. The registration process must be completed before a gambler can place his/her stakes, and this can only be done by a player above 18 years old.

After this is finished, a bettor can choose the payment method in his/her favorite betting place and deposit the cash. This is a game which can be mastered by anyone, so it is suitable for beginners and more experienced gamblers. It is very attractive among players because of its medium to high return to a gambler allowing gamers to play more and enjoy in a game of a baccarat online in their favorite casinos.